Treating Concrete Peeling: A Comprehensive Guide

Concrete peeling can have serious consequences for health & safety as well as structural integrity. Learn how Danrae Group provides complete project management services for treating chipping effectively.

Treating Concrete Peeling: A Comprehensive Guide

Concrete peeling is a common problem that can have far-reaching consequences in terms of health and safety, structural integrity, and asset value. It can be caused by external factors such as chloride corrosion from salt water or extreme weather, or from the initial stage of construction. Danrae Group understands the causes and remedies of concrete husking and concrete cancer, and knows that the best way to treat them effectively is with complete project management. The symptoms of peeling concrete are flaking, chipping, and large pieces missing from the surface, exposing the aggregate of coarse, rocky concrete.

It may be improper preparation of reinforcing steel, incompatible supporting metals, metal bars placed too close to the surface, stress fractures due to excess weight, insufficient coverage of concrete or poorly poured concrete. The remedies for chipping vary depending on the severity of the problem, the type and location of the concrete structure, and other factors. Common mistakes include adding too much water to the mix to facilitate pouring; spraying the concrete surface with water to prolong the finishing time; and not curing the concrete properly after installation. De-icing chemicals only aggravate already stressed concrete by allowing more water to migrate into concrete, increasing the size and depth of husking failures when freezing occurs.

At the very least, concrete peeling looks terrible, causing cracks and visible damage to a property. More importantly, they can be a hazard to people and other property should large pieces of concrete break and fall from a building. To prevent this from happening, it is important to take steps to repair chipped concrete. Patching the chipped area with a color-matching compound is one option.

Another option is to have your concrete re-coated with an overlay. To repair flaking on horizontal surfaces such as driveways or sidewalks, it is recommended to coat and seal the surface with a resurfacing solution. This not only repairs peeling concrete but also prevents flaking problems from reappearing. Mix one part Portland cement type 1 and one part fine sand by volume.

Add water until the mixture has the consistency of a thick paint, then paint it on wet concrete. The type of repair and work involved depend on where the concrete chipping is located, on its depth, whether it is on a vertical or horizontal surface, and whether there are any exposed rebar. To prevent further flaking after re-coating the concrete, it is recommended to use a waterproof concrete sealing system. One technique that can prevent concrete from flaking is to apply a good water sealant to the finished surface to prevent water from entering the concrete. Particular cancer can be a serious and costly problem if left untreated, misdiagnosed or given a sloppy remedy.

However, despite best intentions, concrete patch repairs often fail prematurely due to ongoing corrosion around the periphery of repairs.

Concrete repairs

must be carried out in accordance with BS EN 1504 - The European and British standard for repair and protection of reinforced concrete. Tearing off and replacing damaged areas may be necessary in some cases. Even if the substrate is concrete, it will have a more consistent finish which is easier to clean and does not produce mold. Repairing and filling small cracks will help stop the spread of concrete cancer but the key to a successful remedy is timely and professional identification and treatment. In conclusion, it is important to take steps to prevent concrete peeling as it can have serious consequences for health and safety as well as structural integrity.

Danrae Group provides complete project management services for treating chipping effectively. The remedies vary depending on several factors such as severity of problem, type of structure etc., but generally involve patching with color-matching compound or re-coating with an overlay followed by waterproof sealing.

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