Everything You Need to Know About Repair Mortars

Structural Repair Mortar is a thin-filled high strength cementitious mortar specifically formulated for repairing damaged concrete when structural repairs are required. Learn more about epoxy concrete repair mortars here.

Everything You Need to Know About Repair Mortars

Structural repair mortar is a thin-filled, high strength, cementitious mortar specifically formulated for the repair of damaged concrete when structural repair is required.

Epoxy concrete

repair mortars, specially designed for use on eroded or cracked concrete floors, are used to provide new strength to the damaged concrete and, in most cases, offer a permanent repair that is strong enough to withstand heavy use. Repair mortars are specifically created to restore or replace the original profile and function of the damaged concrete. They help repair concrete defects, improve appearance, restore structural integrity, increase durability and extend the longevity of the structure. Master Builders Solutions repair mortars meet multiple application requirements while keeping your end goal in mind.

Do you need a fast-setting mortar or one with a longer working time? Are you working on a large area or restoring fine architectural details? With our portfolio of durable repair mortars, we've got you covered. High-strength, flowable structural repair mortar with an extended working time is available. A one-component, fibre and polymer modified concrete repair mortar with a lightweight formulation is suitable for extra tall construction, large area reinstatements or small patch repairs. Patented repair mortar for concrete, showing fine aggregate particles (white) and cement matrix (dark brown) with PFA (white spheres); PPT, ×150, 1mm diameter. A cluster of polypropylene fibres (brightly coloured) within a proprietary repair mortar for concrete repair; XPT, ×150, 1mm wide.

Samples repaired with alkali activated mortar with 1 day cure have a higher bond strength than samples repaired with current commercial products after 28 days cure. Sika's concrete repair mortars are suitable for restoration work, spalling and damaged concrete repair in all types of structures, including buildings, bridges, infrastructure and superstructures. Growth will be driven by increased spending on the repair and maintenance of buildings and constructions and by the growing trend towards public-private partnerships in transport infrastructure in developed countries. Cement-based repair mortars show better adhesion when the surface of the concrete substrate has been pre-wetted. The specimens with concrete substrate repaired with the commercial product R1 with and without surface treatment were named respectively R1-ES (etched surface) and R1-NTS (untreated surface).

Epoxy concrete repair

mortars are popular for use in concrete repair as they are fast curing and can be layered to fill cracks and voids deeper than 50 mm, making them versatile for most repair situations.

This chapter presents the results of research on the development of geopolymeric repair mortars based on a low reactive calcined clay. It is a lightweight, polymer-modified, cementitious repair mortar suitable for use in vertical or thick-panel repairs. Specimens repaired with the alkali activated mortar appear to be influenced not by chemical treatment on sawn concrete surface substrates but by the use of concrete surfaces as formwork. For these precursors, there is still no definitive answer as to which activators are the most suitable and what their ratio with the precursors should be in order to develop repair mortars that meet all the criteria prescribed in the standard for concrete repair mortars. A one-component cementitious mortar modified with acrylic polymers has been designed for the repair of building facades without high compressive strength. But as can be seen from literature as well as our own experience there is still room for progress in repair mortar development.

Epoxy concrete repair mortars are popular due to their fast curing properties and ability to fill cracks deeper than 50 mm making them versatile for most repairs. Cement based mortars show better adhesion when pre-wetted while alkali activated mortars appear to be influenced by using concrete surfaces as formwork. Master Builders Solutions offers a portfolio of durable repair mortars that meet multiple application requirements while keeping your end goal in mind. Whether you need a fast setting or longer working time mortar or are working on a large area or restoring fine architectural details we have you covered.

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